A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Spherunner is a game where you have to micro perfectly your camera and your sphere to pass the obstacles. Each level has four time represented by stars.

Challenge yourself and try to unlock all stars ! Good luck & have fun.

Game website : http://spherunner2.antarka.com/

Team website: http://antarka.com/

Credits :

  • GENTILHOMME Thomas (fraxken) - level creator , ux-designer
  • MALAJ Alexandre (shqiptar) - 3D Programmer
  • MONTES Irvin (captainfive) - Compositor, Sound-designer
  • JUAN DE MENDOZA Helène - Communication / Marketing
  • VENNET Adrien - Game-designer
  • San (original texture level-artist)
  • Yvanor , Maxime SENECHAL

Install instructions

Windows instruction : Install XNA framework Redistributable 4.0 for windows (if the game doesn't run)



windows.zip 116 MB
linux.zip 136 MB
mac.zip 127 MB