Blubbymorph is a little RPG about absorb enemy to become more stronger to fight another enemy etc..

The objective of the game is to finish the three dungeons to unlock all enemy shapeshift (except the last one, this is a wink to SparklinLabs for making an awesome tools!).

After that just survive and buy some bad skills on the market!!


Controls :

Movement : ZQSD / WASD / Arrows
Fire : left click
Absorb enemy : right click (unlock dungeon before that)
P : Take health potion


Credits :

Dren (Dev / LD)
Fraxken (Dev / LD)
Purexo (Dev / LD)
Demogia (Graphiste)
Shqiptar, Harraps, Captainfive

For map tileset :
Dungeon base tileset :
Arena tilset: Superpowers packs (@2PBlog on twitter)

Monsters are made by Demogia (So please vote for graphics on it)

Game-maker :